Used Cars Tillsonburg

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We are now selling used cars in Tillsonburg.

Tillsonburg Cars has an 18-year history based on service. Now we have expanded into selling used cars here, in Tillsonburg. With this expansion, our market has increased in size and now serves areas like Aylmer, St Thomas, London, Port Burwell, Post Rowan, Delhi, Simcoe, and Woodstock.

We also have customers from as far away as, Brantford, Hamilton, Kitchener, Guelph and Toronto. We have been lucky enough to have sold cars to even further away places like Quebec and Nova Scotia!

Because of this we made the decision to make our name more Internet Friendly, enter the birth of “”, selling Used Cars, SUV’s and Trucks.

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The company was founded and based on service and the personal touch. This has not changed.

At the vehicle purchasing stage we use state of the art computer software to determine that we are buying the very best we possibly can for price condition and milleage.

Every car, truck or SUV we purchase to sell, immediately comes into or shop and is given a rigorous check over. Any and all defective parts are replaced with the highest-grade factory specs products available.

The vehicles are then detailed inside and out to our own high standard. Then and only then is it ready to be displayed and sold.

Just like our valued customers, we need to be assured we are buying safe, reliable and good value vehicles.